Our organisation


D.E.W wants to promote and freely share technologies, build partnerships with companies to develop new solutions in an ethical way, commercialize these solutions – if needed – and by use the benefits to fund the association, by collaborating and sharing the resources of the association with any individual, group or institution wishing to do the same.
D.E.W. is a Swiss NGO, Its commercial register number is CHE-235.903.317. More information about D.E.W.

The name and logo

Our system extracts water from the air by condensation. Condensation happens in nature when water droplets form to creat rain or dew. Dew is water in the form of droplets that you can observe on grass in the mornings. Through the process of extracting water, the system can also generate electricity. Since our main goal is to install our system in desert areas, we will generate water and electricity in the desert. Hence, D.E.W. stands for Desert Electricity and Water.

As for the logo, it represents a drop of water, with a wind turbine, and with a plant, which is the purpose of the machine: putting water into the soil to change arid areas into fertile lands while generating electricity.


Jérôme Héritier, D.E.W. president, decided to devote himself entirely to the development of his ideas more than two years ago. President of the organization, he began to gather ideas to build a system allowing the extraction of atmospheric vapour 5 years ago. He studied – among others – in mechanical engineering at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne, EPFL.

Help us

Our main challenges are workforce and budget. Until now, we sponsored everything ourselves.