Join us!

For several years, Jérôme worked on the theory and processes iterating frequently to finally get to a viable and sustainable solution. Together, we setup D.E.W. and started approaching organisations and companies to get more visibility.

We are now at a point where we cannot continue alone. We need your help!

I Want to become a member

This is awesome news! As member:

  • You give weight and legitimacy to our efforts to make up for the lack of water around the world.
  • You have the right to vote at the annual General Assembly.
  • You receive a tax certificate for your yearly donation.
  • You are invited to join events in which we participate or that we organise.

The annual subscription as member is of 60 CHF (Swiss francs).

You can do even more and join us as an active member! If you’re interested in helping us, please drop us and email. We are looking forward to discussing with you the opportunities to help us! You can make your skills available for specific tasks and missions. If you have ideas and would you like to get involved, don’t hesitate!

If you simply wish to make a donation, head towards our donation page.