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So far all the work has been voluntary, all the expenses come from our own funds.

You can either pay through Donorbox (credit card) or by direct bank transfer (e-banking is free). Please reads Payment information for further details.

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Crowdfunding objectives

Those 5 objectives give you an idea of what we’ll be able to do with the raised money.

Objective 1: 50’000 CHF

  • This objective enables Jérôme and Alex to work 100% and 30% for one year with a low salary
  • This objective also allows us to pay for a co-working space and have a physical address for one year

Objective 2: 100’000 CHF

  • Everything from Objective 1 plus 50K for a low end simulation
  • 50K allows us to pay for about 3 months of work for 2 Swiss scientists
  • Such a simulation would allow us to simulate the global aspects of the system without going into details nor in edge cases

Objective 3: 500’000 CHF

  • Everything from Objective 1 plus 450K for a high end simulation
  • 450K allows us to pay for a high end simulation (typically by BG Ingénieurs Conseils, who made that estimation). It is roughly equivalent to having 4 engineers working on it for a year, or 50 engineers working on it for a month
  • Such a simulation would allow us to test parameters for all places on earth and to simulate edge cases and problems that could occur (e.g. no sun for one month)
  • Swiss quality is ensured

Objective 4: 1’000’000 CHF

This amount would allow us to have

  • 2 salaries at 100%
  • A high end simulation by BG Ingénieurs Conseils or équivalent
  • To do international consulting and approach international laboratories in which we could invest

Note that from this point, any further money that is raised will be directly invested into the building of our first real size prototypes.

Symbolic objective: 11’000’000 CHF

  • One must dream high, right
  • This objective is mostly here to give an idea of how much we estimate the cost to build 10 machines around the world capable of extracting 1 litre of water per second (or 86’400 litres a day).  That’s an average of 1’000’000 per location

If objective 1 is not achieved, the received money will be used by D.E.W. to continue development and research.

Service / time donation

In the case you don’t want to or can’t make a financial donation, you can help us in different ways:

  • Speak about it, spread the word. Friends, family, colleagues, social medias.
  • Offer your expertise. You think you can help? Help to build a prototype, to make a simulation or anything else? You could help for a reduced price or even for free? Please say hello:!

Donation benefits

With your donation,

  • you help D.E.W. to bring back life to countries and counties that lack water. When water comes back, agriculture becomes possible, flora and fauna reappears and the risk of human loss decreases
  • you support D.E.W. who decided to publish publicly their passive solution

Payment information

We care about your money. Thanks to donorbox, only 1% fees will be taken by the platform, compared to the average 4-5% for crowdfunding platforms, add to this the 2.9% + 0.3$ per transaction by stripe. The remaining money will reach D.E.W.’s bank account by the end of the month and will be entirely used for the purpose of the organisation.

Beware that the above fees don’t include your credit card fees. If you wish to do a direct bank transfer to D.E.W.’s account, please do so! In particular for Swiss people, that means 0% fees on both your and our side. Notice that all the bank transfer donations will not have a direct effect on the raised value displayed on this page, we will however receive the money much faster and will update the value accordingly when we get the amount on our account.