Water needs are ever more pressing as population increases, soils become desertified and inhabited and cultivated areas are affected by pollution. Needs increase as the ability of the environment to satisfy them decreases. It is no longer enough to learn to reduce consumption, it is essential to find a way to produce water on a large scale. This is what our technology allows.

One of the most crucial resources, water, is available everywhere in the form of moisture in the air. Being able to extract it locally on a large scale makes it possible to transform a desert area into a forest and to restore the functioning of existing or pre-existing hydrographic systems. A restored water cycle allows for large-scale agriculture because intact vegetation and living soils act as hydrological regulators and store precipitation. This will allow for strong growth of wildlife, provide additional resources for local people, and enhance food security and sustainability. We propose a solution allowing the poorest regions of the world to have access to the essential resources for their development (water, electricity).

This process will also
store huge amounts of CO2 (> 256 tons per ha) and water in the vegetation and soils, and allow a reduction of the phenomena related to the weakening of the soil caused by the lack of water. Landslides, floods, forest fires, sandstorms and droughts are events that could significantly decrease in the short and medium term in the revitalized areas.

The System

Our system is able to passively generate a large amount of pure water from the air . The system:

  • can be fully passive, in other words it doesn’t have any electronic parts nor does it need any industrially produced energies – it only uses natural energy: thermal from the sun, thermal difference between day and night, and gravitation. Thus, the system works perfectly even in desert lands with wind, sand and dust.
  • can be placed anywhere, using materials available in large quantities which exist almost everywhere.
  • once built, is autonomous and needs only very limited maintenance.
  • emits no pollution.
  • can generate several million litres of water per day.

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Where we stand right now

The spark happened more than 5 years ago. For several years, Jérôme worked on the theory and processes iterating frequently to finally get to a viable and sustainable solution. Together, we setup D.E.W. and started approaching organisations and companies to get more visibility. 

We are now at a point where we cannot continue alone. We need funds to sustain the work and to help us find the right partners.