Transforming a desert area into a forest restores the functioning of existing or pre-existing hydrographic systems and the available water enables large-scale agriculture. We propose a solution that enables even the poorest areas of the globe to gain access to key resources needed for their development (water, electricity). Not only will it reduce inequality and poverty, such a change will also allow for strong growth of fauna and flora, providing additional resources for local populations, and increasing food security and sustainability.

As a result, this process will also store huge quantities of CO2 (= reducing emissions) and water in vegetation and soils, and will allow a reduction in the phenomena related to the weakening of the soil caused by the lack of water. Landslides, floods, forest fires, sand storms, and droughts are events that could almost disappear in the short to medium term in the vicinity.


The System

Our system is able to passively generate a big amount of pure water from the air . The system:

  • can be fully passive and doesn’t use any electromechanics. That means working even in desert lands with wind, sand and dust.
  • can be placed anywhere. It can be built using materials available in large quantities and which exist almost everywhere.
  • is autonomous. It doesn’t require any external energy input.
  • emits no pollution.
  • is also relatively simple to build (passive version).
  • needs only very limited maintenance.
  • can generate up to several million litres of water per day.

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